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Secretary - Rahul K

Additional Secretary - Rakshitha R Shet
Treasurer - Sooraj K

Deputy Secretary (Nursing) - Riya Ramesh
Deputy Secretary (Allied ) - Adarsh Singh

Ligma Co-Heads - Rakshitha R Shet

ABCD Head  - Harsheeta Medhi
ABCM Head - Niketh Girish 
Umang Co-Heads - Archak Biswas and Moumita Das

Fashion Crew Co-Heads - Gowri Jayaram

Vibes head -Pournava Pratyusha Pradhan

 Decoration Co-Heads - Moolinti Lakshmi Jahnavi and Bipasha Tudu


About Throbb

In every single moment of our life, sad or happy, music has always filled our hearts. Our feet have moved to the rhythm of our souls. Art has added colour to it. And finally, the stage transcends those emotions, words and weaves a story through our voices, moves, colours and acts. We at Throbb, the Cultural Committee of AIIMS Bhubaneswar, believe that, "where heart dictates, the body speaks." So, with open hearts, we welcome you on our stage to make it your world and tell your stories to people.









Fashion Photography



I look forward to celebrating the rich tapestry of our diverse community with all of you. Our committee is dedicated to fostering an environment where every culture is valued and celebrated.

This year, we have an exciting array of events planned that will showcase the vibrant traditions from various regions across India. From colorful festivals and traditional dance performances to regional music and culinary delights, we aim to create experiences that will immerse you in the beauty of our nation's diversity.

We are committed to organizing events that bring us closer together, highlighting the unique aspects of each culture while fostering a sense of unity and mutual respect. Whether it's celebrating Diwali, Holi, Pongal, Baisakhi, or regional art exhibitions, our goal is to provide a platform where everyone can share their heritage and learn from one another.

Rahul K


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