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The Students Association AIIMS BBSR stands to represent the students of a developing yet dynamic institution. As aptly described by our logo, the general body along with the seven committees is the core decision making body which works seamlessly to ensure the well being of the students of All India Institute of Medical Sciences Bhubaneswar.

Not only is it the voice of the student population,  it  is also the harbinger of change in many aspects.  The motto is not only to enrich the students' lives by promoting various extra curricular and academic endeavours, but also to ensure unity and camaraderie among the students. An amalgamation of the most capable minds in the college, the Student's Association always has and will continue to take the institution to new heights. 

" We did not choose to follow the light at the end of the tunnel. Instead , we chose to light our own lamp."


President's Message

The Students Association AIIMS Bhubaneswar (SAAB) aims at the holistic growth and development of the institute and its students, and has always worked towards a better future.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to lead SAAB 2023-24. Our predecessors have toiled hard to build the union and bring it to the position where it stands today, and it is our responsibility to carry forward their legacy and bring glory to our institute.

SAAB is the voice of our students. Being the President, I'm bestowed upon the duty of solving every issue of the students, and I shall strive to fulfill my responsibilities by giving my best efforts.

As they say, strength lies in unity. We, SAAB 2023-24, aim to stand strong as a team, and utilise our knowledge, experiences and resources to the fullest for achieving excellence.

President's Message

Vice President's Message

Greetings to one and all.

Being elected as the Vice President of SAAB was one of the most prestigious moments of my life.

Ever since I joined this college, I've fallen in love with the various aspects of college life! But one thing that attracted me the most was the students union, SAAB. I was in awe of the students who were running around and organizing various events.

Since the beginning, nothing has made me happier and left me feeling more fulfilled than helping to organise and volunteer for various events. I remember looking up to my seniors, totally in awe, trying to follow in their footsteps as best as I could. I've definitely learnt a lot, and I believe it's now my turn to assume the responsibility, which this post brings with itself. 

Regardless of anything else, one thing I'm certainly proud of is that I've always given 100% of my sincerity to whatever work I've done.

Seeing my seniors has inspired me a lot, to learn, grow and be more involved in college activities. I hope I can, similarly, inspire a few of my junior batches as well. It's truly a prestigious post and I aspire to do justice to it.

Vice President's Message

General Secretary's Message

Being a member of SAAB is an honor and a great responsibility. It is a privilege to be trusted with the task of serving the student body and leading efforts to develop the college. As General Secretary, I would focus on three main areas of development: academic excellence, student welfare, and infrastructure.

Firstly, I believe that academic excellence should be a top priority for any college. To achieve this, I would work with the college administration to provide students with the best possible educational experience. This includes organizing regular academic workshops, inviting guest speakers, and conducting student surveys to identify areas for improvement.

Secondly, student welfare is critical to the overall success of a college. As General Secretary, I would ensure that students have access to the resources they need to thrive, such as mental health services, career counseling, and financial aid. Additionally, I would strive to create a safe and inclusive environment for all the students, regardless of their background or identity.

Lastly, infrastructure is an essential component of any college. As General Secretary, I would work with the administration to develop and maintain the college's infrastructure. This includes improving facilities such as libraries, laboratories, and sports facilities. I would also prioritize sustainable initiatives and ensure that the college is environmentally responsible.

In conclusion, being elected as General Secretary is an exciting opportunity to make a positive impact on the college community. I will be committed to promoting academic excellence, student welfare, and infrastructure development to ensure that my college provides the best possible educational experience for all students.

General Secretary's Message

Chief Treasurer's Message

Firstly I would like to thank each and everyone of this college for their utmost support, help and guidance. I believe I can stand strong and meet their expectations.


Being a Governing Body member, my highest priority will be to solve the day to day problems faced by the students. I will work sincerely and dedicatedly to serve the union as much as I can.


I hope our tenure will make people happy and solve their problems. 

Chief Treasurer's Message

Joint Secretary

Adithya KS

It's a great privilege and indeed an honour to be given the responsibility of representing the whole Student Nurses Community of AIIMS BHUBANESWAR as the Joint secretary (Nursing) of SAAB for the term 2023-2024. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those, who believed in me and my abilities, and of course it was your strength and motivation that made this possible for me. 

Though I have worked in various fields, it's really my first experience in SAAB. However, I am ready to face this new experience and adventure and will bring forth my unique skills for the smooth functioning of our association. 

I consider this position as an opportunity to bring forth several ideas for the betterment of our students. In this tenure, I would like to work wholeheartedly to give my full strength towards the betterment of this institution. As always, I am open to and will present my suggestions towards the panel that will make an improvement, I believe. Feel free to contact me and I assure you, I will always value your suggestions, ideas and comments.


It's a great privilege to work along with such a great team of people in the student body. This would be the start of a fruitful and successful journey with all your love and support. 


Joint Secretary
(Allied Science)

Harsh Yadav

It is my great honour and privilege to have been elected for the position of Joint Secretary of Allied Sciences of the Students Association AIIMS Bhubaneswar (SAAB) 2023-24.

As your newly elected Joint Secretary, I promise to take into account each of your interests and your voices on the many issues and constantly strive to advance Allied Sciences stream and bring it to new heights. It is my ambition as a  part of the Governing Body to help the students of our institution leave a lasting impact and to bring positive changes while inspiring others to do the same through the various initiatives that we plan to undertake. 

​I would like to praise the previous union for their excellent and tremendous work and setting a high benchmark, which our union will take as a challenge to not only uphold but also surpass.



From cultural and athletic spectaculars, bold academia to even caring for our mental and physical prosperity, we have the bold leaders among the 7 of EB here to do it all.

Cultural Committee: THROBB
Literary Committee: FARRAGO
Sports Committee: ALTIS
Academic Committee: SAPIENTIA
Web & IT Committee : LUMIERE
Hostel and Hygiene Committee: AEGIS
Food and Mess Committee: VEDRITI

Each committee has its own arena of work, which they try to do with utmost dedication. Their work, however, doesn’t end here as a number of events and initiatives take place through the collaborative effort of various committees. Each committee has been divided into a ‘core group’ and a ‘peripheral group’ for ease of implementation and effective labour division. The committees also have a number of clubs under them.

(Learn more about them in the respective committee pages)

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Secretary Incharge of Committee



Arnendu Barman

Secretary of Committee



Siba Prasad Badu

Secretary of Committee


XEL07746 (2).jpg

Devineni Likhitha

Secretary Incharge of Committee



Mohamed Lasheen

Secretary of Committee



Sourav Kumar Sahoo

Secretary of Committee



Anmol Deep

Secretary of Committee


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