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Secretary - Mohamed Lasheen
Additional Secretary - Pranith Krishnaa A G
Treasurer - Kavya Varshni R J
Deputy Secretary (Allied) - Favaz N T
Deputy Secretary (Nursing) - Ekta


Pixel Head - Pranith Krishnaa A G and Mohamed Lasheen

Social Media Handle Head - Adhitya Sibikumar

#404 Head - Fahd Hashim

Designing Head - Adhitya Sibikumar

Envision Head - Arnab Halder


About Lumiere

We are Gen Z, the generation born glued to our phones. We witnessed the biggest IT revolution in the history of mankind, changing the way we live and the way we connect forever. We're in the best age, the digital age where the world has shrunk to our fingertips and the universe in our palm. We at Lumiere believe in harnessing this power, the power to connect, the power to transform, the power to reach out. We believe in being miles ahead of everyone and bring everyone miles closer. Welcome to Lumiere, where imagination meets infinite possibilities




Film Camera



LUMIERE is the Web & IT Committee of Students Association AIIMS Bhubaneswar. We overlook the social media handles, websites, audiovisual entities, gaming, photography, videography, content creation and other technology-related aspects that are necessary for the proper movement of the union.

In our tenure, we aim to bring improvements in the flow of all events under the committee as well as the college by proper integration and communication with other committees. This includes updating the UI of  the website, look and reach of the social media pages, bringing out quality content and much more. 

We’ll also try to bring changes which would ease the daily lives of the students in the campus. Above all, we’ll carry on the legacy and keep up to the high standards built by our predecessors.

Mohamed Lasheen


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