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Secretary - Siba Prasad
Additional secretary - Mukil
Treasurer - Indramani Majhi
Deputy Secretary (Allied) - Santosh Ojha
Deputy Secretary (Nursing) - Padmalaya

Girls Sports Head- Sindhu

Cricket  Head -Indramani
Football Head - Mubashir
Badminton Head - Ganesh
Volleyball Head - Adarsh
Throwball Head - Poojitha
Basketball Co-Heads - Arabinda and Vignesh
Table Tennis - Nandagopal
Lawn Tennis Head - Kiran
Chess and Carrom Head -Jaisuriya
Kho Kho Head- Abhinav
Gym Head -   Rohan 
Athletics and Kabaddi Head - Mukil


About Altis

In the game, the adrenaline rush, the sweat, the passion, the spirit, the sheer exhilaration of being in the zone… It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. Win or lose, we always soar back onto the top just like the beautiful phoenix. Sports and games, act as a connecting link that transcends every barrier and every possible emotion, to unite us as one. We at ALTIS, the Sports Committee of AIIMS Bhubaneswar, believe in the spirit of the game, and like the phoenix’s eternal flame, we welcome you to work with us to keep it lit!


The game is a perfect symphony, if you look closely. You feel your heart pounding so loud against your chest wall that you fear it might actually come out, sweat dripping off your body like a river coming down the hills, the ecstasy of feeling your body pumping up your muscles, it's like all of what you're made of has come to life! Sports have the power to bring people of utterly diverse backgrounds together; there's no you, no me, there's just the game and its lovers.

ALTIS - the sports committee of AIIMS Bhubaneswar - strives to pave the way for every sports lover and player to realize their true potential! As the privileged Sports Secretary of SAAB 2023-24, on behalf of the entire ALTIS team, I welcome you to join us for the love of the game!

Our college has always encouraged people to be actively involved in sports to stay fit as well as to live their passion. And this year, my vision as the Sports Secretary is to see every player, playing any sport, get all the opportunity they need to excel and succeed! My vision is to see all our teams perform their very best in all the sports events to come this year!

We, at ALTIS, shall strive to make sure our players stay fit, get all the necessary resources and high-quality equipment they need to practice and hone their sports skills, get every opportunity they can to achieve what they aspire to achieve in the game, and most importantly, enjoy the game for preserving the true spirit of the game! Also, we shall work towards improving the infrastructure and other facilities that shall help our sports enthusiasts be better at the game.

We shall also encourage active participation in various sports events, including inter-batch and inter-college sports meets, for them to strengthen their skills and improve their game! So, buckle up, fellas, you are in for a lot of fun and learning! Also, we are thrilled to see you team up and show us your best game in style! Looking forward to working with you, folks!

So come, join us, what are you waiting for?!"

Siba Prasad Badu


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