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Secretary - Srivardhan Muppalla
Additional Secretary - Sumit Nahak
Treasurer - Mandava Karthikeya
Deputy Secretary (Nursing) - Devika

Deputy Secretary (Allied) - Aftab Alam

Sierra (Eco Club) Head - Gandu Madhushalini

INARA Co-Heads - Majeti Sai Nikhil and Debanjan Ruj


About Aegis

Our Hostel and Welfare Committee, now renamed AEGIS, is exploring newer realms which we are incorporating into this committee. Everything we have envisioned is completely new to us and has never been attempted in this college but we decided to force ourselves to think outside the box, to not be confined by pre-set boundaries which would limit the committee. 

We have started an Eco club, Sierra through a lot of hardships in this raging pandemic, all thanks to the blood, sweat and tears poured by our dedicated core members. This is the first-ever sub-committee of the Hostel Committee in this college and we do not intend to stop here. Our core team is working on improving the overall mental health status of our campus by our Mental Health Unit which is in process. We are also working on other social ventures that we can explore this year which will be able to serve our students as well as the community around us!

We hope not only to see a change but to be the change ourselves! Welcome to AEGIS- where we commit to a better tomorrow.

Planting Trees


Support group



As the hostel secretary, my primary goal is to ensure that our hostel is a place where everyone feels safe, comfortable and engaged.
This journey will not be without its challenges, but I am confident that with cooperation and active participation, we can overcome any obstacle. It is not just my role – it is our collective responsibility to create a nurturing and dynamic living space.
Together, we will make our hostel a place where memories are made, friendships are forged, and futures are shaped. Thank you once again for this incredible opportunity. Let’s embark on this journey together and make it a truly remarkable year.

Srivardhan Muppalla


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